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Robyn Emlen is lord of the cats and owner of Electric Kitten Tattoo in Ballard, Wa. She has been tattooing squirrels, chipmunks, and kittens since 2006. 


"In 2021, I opened an inclusive, safer space for people getting tattooed. I wanted to surround myself with other neurodivergent and community-driven people. I have many years of experience tattooing folks with PTSD/ heightened trauma response and people with self-harm scars. And it is crucial to me to uplift my LGBTQIA+ community. 


Additionally, I have some of the kindest and most talented artists as coworkers AND my Kitten family!

I am excited to meet more of you, goofy, nerdy, and amazing weirdos! And I can't wait to check out your #StupidCuteTattoo ideas!"

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