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Where are you located?

Electric Kitten Tattoo

5309 22nd Ave NW Suite E, Seattle, WA 98107

What tattoos are you prioritizing?

Bright Colors, New School, Large-Scale Asian, Organic Biomechanical, and generally Weird Stuff. 

Deposits, Rates & Policies:


Deposits are $200, non-refundable, and can be made through Venmo @Inkbyrobyn.


Robyn has ADHD and likes to create a relaxed-paced tattoo experience, with time built in (at no charge to you) for taking things slow. That means there will be ample time allotted for breaks. Including water and snacks provided by the shop!

For example: If your tattoo only takes two hours to tattoo, we will book you for three hours and charge you for two. 

Robyn's rate is $225 per hour.

What days do you work?

Sunday, Monday, Thursday & Saturday.

Can I use a numbing solution?

I use numbing products throughout the process to make sitting through long sessions and rough spots easier.  

How do I book an appointment with Robyn?

Fill out the Booking Form, and my Booking Manager, Rachel, will get back to you within a week's time.

How do I book an appointment with another artist at the shop?

Please get in touch with them here (click me) via the kitten!

After Care Instruction

Always wash your hands before handling your healing tattoo.

  • Second Skin/Tagaderm: About 24 hours from placement, remove the bandage by gently pealing downward and stretching as you go. The easiest way to do this is in the shower. 

  • Wash the tattoo with warm water and mild unscented liquid soap to wash excess blood, plasma, ink, or balm from the skin. 

  • Allow the tattoo to air dry, or use a paper towel.

  • Use a small amount of tattoo balm or unscented and dye-free lotion on the tattoo.

  • Repeat the wash and lotion process twice a day for two days, then once a day afterward until healed.

Please don't:


  • Don't scratch or pick your tattoo.

  • Don't expose your tattoo to the sun until your tattoo is fully healed. And then, you should always wear sunscreen to protect the tattoo from fading.

  • Don't soak the tattoo in water until it is fully healed.

  • Don't swim until at least ten days to two weeks after tattooing. 

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